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Become a MarateApp Sponsor

What MarateApp can do to promote Your activity:

  • Advertise Your Site, Your Restaurant, Your Shop, Your B&B or Home Holiday, placing a Banner in the App's main pages;

  • Appear right in the App's "Sponsors" button of the MarateApp's main page;

  • Promote Your Nitghtlife activities or Special Night Events;

  • Promote discounts (such as 1 drink free every 4 payed, 10% discount on meals, 1 night free every pre-payed weekend, etc.) to redeem by the winners through the Treasure Hunt amazing game, embedded into MarateApp;

  • Reach all MarateApp's Users with a limited number of direct Push Notifications to promote Your activities.

Take advantage of Summer 2020 special prices! e-mail us and ask for a quote!

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