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In Maratea, one can have a good dinner about everywhere.

On another hand, this publication has not the aim to present to visitors and vacationeers yet another guide. 

If You think to find here a place where to rate restaurants, where to read or compile reviews, this is not the right place. Maybe You may want to refine Your research to Google, Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor and so on, depending on Your target and Your spending possibility.

Within MarateApp, what we effort to do, is to represent a crystalline and transparent list of special places, able to make Your dinner experience something unique and unforgettable. Not just a dinner.

To achieve this goal, we suggest only places able to offer the true spirit of Maratea, with all its precious heritage, made of fresh and unique ingredients of the garden and the sea, often present in the kitchen of these areas which, remember, is a poor and genuine cuisine.

For this, we have based our short list of Recommended Restaurants of Maratea, basing our suggestions on the feed-back which we punctually receive from our B&Bs hosts, the day after they experienced a dinner we recommended.

A further factor that we consider when we allow ourselves to suggest a structure is the constancy of persistence. It is not useful or functional to Maratea, to keep open a public service just during the months of greatest tourist influx, such as July and August. To keep open and available a restaurant, during the shoulder season, is something right pivotal for make the touristic economy of Maratea grow but, indeed, it is crucial, if one have in mind the goal to offer the real essence of Maratea: the value of the time.

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