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Maratea has a large number of good Hotels, with a long touristic tradition and excellent references, from the luxury ones to the cheapest.

Please mind that the final goal of MarateApp isn't exactly to present yet another guide. 

If You think that MarateApp or this linked website is something where one can rate Hotels or B&Bs or one can read or compile reviews, well, this is not the right place. Maybe You may want to refine Your research to Google, Bookings, Trip Advisor and so on.

Within MarateApp, what we effort to do is to represent a crystalline and transparent short list of special places, able to make Your stay experience something unique and unforgettable. Not just a stay!

To achieve this goal, we suggest only places able to offer the true spirit of Maratea, with all its precious heritage, made of discreet and raffinate hospitality, where visitors and vacationeers will be able to recognise, as single imperceptible texture, the attention to details, such as the furnitures hand crafted and the local building materials such as the wooden ceiling and the floors made with the classical majolicas of Maratea.

Great attention in MarateApp, furthermore, is given to the so called "diffused hospitality", according with the new models of sustainable development, opposed to the concept of building new structures and able to reviving the old depopulated towns since the end of 19th century (for example because of the emigration) through a more vital linfa which "allows the tourists to experience their holidays closely with the local community, since the buildings that compose it are distributed in various areas of the village and the visitor" is not confined in just one artificial tourist space. "The tourist experience is then more complete, because it is not only cultural, culinary, etc. but it is also a spatial experience" (Gilli M. and Ferrari F., 2016)

About our featured B&Bs and Holiday Homes:

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