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How Apple AR can enhance Your journey experience

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Augmented Reality (AR) is the result of superimposing digital information like sounds, images or text, on the world we normally see.

This is rather different from Virtual Reality (VR). Virtual Reality means a not real and completely computer-generated word in which you feel immersed in. AR adds crucial informations to the reality you would ordinarily, see rather than replacing it.

Why Apple AR technology

"Imagine if the line between the virtual and the real simply didn’t exist.

With iPhone and iPad, those experiences are not only possible, they’re here. Augmented reality is a new way to use technology that transforms how you work, learn, play, and connect with almost everything around you. And this is just the beginning.

How AR can enhance Your journey experience

Traveling is knowing. Imagine a new way to keep in contact with local people, to absorb their experiences, their costumes, their fav restaurants.

Where is a Parking? Which one is the best beach to go? What's cool to do tonight?

Well, put on your iPhone or iPad camera, and begin to explore the new word You now are immersed in.

Have a lovely journey!

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